Wellington Enterprises is the company currently owned by the Diane Wellington. Originally an investment firm specializing in computer technology, the internet boom of the 1990's made it an instant success on the market. Since then, Wellington Enterprises has become a conglomerate - owning numerous factories and producers of objects from computer chips to weaponry. It is one of the many Corporations that establishes business negotiations with the United States federal government and has been specifically linked to the work at Raven rock.


The company is currently under a mandated order of the United States of America to produce M-4 Knox tanks. M-4 Knox tanks are the heaviest tanks in the world, weighing 130 tons and carrying dual 125mm cannons, and having dual jet turbine engines as its main powerplant. The tanks are being made at the Detroit quarters, and F-45 Vipers Fighter/bombers are manufactored in the Texas district. With increasing demand for the weapons, Wellington Enterprises has opened numerous facilities across the United States.