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Neumann in his initial period attire.


Neumann is a former Nazi German scientist. barely surviving the war he managed to escape Germany from the beseiged city of Wilhelmshaven.




Born in 1920 in a East of Germany. He fought for the Facists throughout the late 1930s, playing a particular part in the Night of the Long Knives. In 1940 he joined the Whermacht Scientific Council for the Advancement of the Reich (WSCAR). In 1941 he was sent across the Germany from the Berlin headquarters of the WSCAR to one of the minor stations in Hamburg . A year later he was sent to Norway where he headed of the bureau of Atomic and Natural weaponry . In 1943, with a series of major developments being sent to Germany and the Eastern Front, Adolf Hitler adds Neumann to the Lieber Reich plan. The plan was recall the critical officials to Hamburg and escape to Antarctica to be frozen and woken up in the future in the eventuality of a German defeat. In 1944 the Whermacht was pushed back with major defeats in the East and West, causing Neumann to be recalled to Germany. Initially he was sent to prepare defenses in W. Poland but was called to Hamburg when Reich Lieber was implemented. Neumann is the only official to make it to the U-334 sub that takes him from the city. After about eight months, it finally makes it to Antarctica.


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One of Neumann's "creations". Simply called Robot 1.