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Dianne Archer is a protagonist in The American series. She's 5 foot 11 and has greyish green eyes, brown hair that's 3 feet long, and pale skin complemented by rosy cheeks.


Archer appears to be a straight-forward person with a good heart. She is considered intelligent and witty by her peers, but has been described as naturally aloof. Although considered an active socialite on the West Coast, Wellington always insists running her

inherited company - Wellington Enterprises - comes first. Though she possesses a great deal of self confidence she occasionally succumbs to self doubt regarding her abilities.

Alternate Persona and AbilitiesEdit


Dianne's parents were both English in decent. Her mother was from a relatively prosperous middle-class family, and her father came from a long line of merchants. It was with the union of the two families that gave the family the funds neccissary to fund Wellington Enterprises. The company was originally a technology-based program specializing in the innovation of computers, but with its success in the internet boom of the 1990's, it eventually became a conglomerate of assorted programs. This amalgamation has been extremely successful over time on an international scale. In the middle of such success, the increasing pressures in Europe lead to the relocation of the company to the East Coast in America. Amid such financial precariousness, the Wellington family was able to adjust to such circumstances. They moved to Seattle, Washington, in order to rebuild their lives. A sense of normalcy returned, and the family thrived. In this time, Dianne was born on October 30, 1992.

Dianne lived a relatively content childhood, completely oblivious to the worldwide political instability developing over the course of her lifetime. This sphere of ignorance was suddenly shattered when Dianne's father was assassinated while acting as a company ambassador in Russia in 2009. Her mother, heartbroken became isolated from the world, leaving the company to be ruled by the Board of Directors and her daughter to be raised by her sister. .

Once Dianne turned 18 - several years after the tragic assassination - she became the official head of the family company. Despite the insurmountable odds, she has been able to keep the company successful and productive.

Today, Dianne continues her college education while running Wellington Enterprises.


Current StatusEdit