In The American, history did not continue on exactly as we know today. There are numerous changes, so this can be considered a true Alternate History!

Early Twentieth CenturyEdit


Germany surrenders to the Allied Powers - Mass Chaos ensues for the social and economic collapse of one of the previous most powerful nations of the century.

Rampant riots and social upheaval results in forced deportation of ethnically-profiled "problem" citizens of Europe. The forced deportation of Germans from Eastern Europe leads to a large scale revolution in the provinces of Pommerania, Silesia, and the Sudetenland. The remaining citizens, starved and senseless, simply accept the United Nations control over the area.


Germany is considered a fully demilitarized zone. In order to build some form of co-operation and political normalcy, The Allies reincoporate Pommerania, Silesia, and the Sudetenland into the state of Germany. Because the area is merely a confederation of states in a demilitarized zone, there are no contemplated threats of a possible re-centralization of power.


The DDR, the Confederation of East Germany, and the BRD, a Confederation of West Germany, are formed. This change of political power directly infringes with the newly formed mandate of the Allied Powers.


The 3rd Berlin crisis ends with the Berlin treaty between the USSR and the USA. the BRD and DDR merger into the Grosser Deutsches Republik (Greater German Republic). the state rapid developes into an industrial power.


German power on the continent is once more readily felt. Mitteleuropa forms as a military and economic alliance between Germany, Austria, Poland and the Netherlands. 800px-NATO vs Warsaw (1949-1990)edit